PCR Cleanup Kit

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For direct purification of double- or single-stranded PCR products (100 bp – 10 kbp) from amplification reactions and DNA cleanup from other enzymatic reactions.

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Elevate Your PCR Workflow with GJC PCR Purification Kit

Streamline your PCR purification process with the GJC PCR Purification Kit, featuring a proprietary silica-based membrane technology incorporated into a user-friendly spin column. Bid farewell to cumbersome resin manipulations and hazardous phenol-chloroform extractions.

Key Advantages:

  • Effortless Purification: The kit effectively eliminates primers, dNTPs, unincorporated labeled nucleotides, enzymes, and salts from PCR and other reaction mixtures, ensuring a clean and pure DNA sample.
  • Wide Range Compatibility: Purify DNA fragments ranging from 25 bp to 20 kb with impressive recovery rates of up to 100%, offering flexibility for various research applications.
  • High Binding Capacity: Each GJC purification column boasts a total binding capacity of up to 25 µg of DNA, providing an ample supply for downstream applications.
  • Rapid Procedure: Complete the entire purification process in just 5 minutes, saving you valuable time in your laboratory workflows.

Versatile Applications: The purified DNA is ready for use in a multitude of downstream applications, including sequencing, restriction digestion, labeling, ligation, cloning, in vitro transcription, blotting, or in situ hybridization.

Experience the GJC Advantage: Elevate your research with the GJC PCR Purification Kit – where efficiency meets simplicity. Transform your PCR workflow by placing your order now.


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