Micro spin columns for DNA/RNA purification


Micro spin column for DNA /RNA purification for downstream applications in molecular biotechnology.

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Introducing GJC Silica Spin Columns – Your Ultimate Solution for Swift and Effective DNA and RNA Extraction

Unlock the potential of rapid, hassle-free, and highly efficient DNA and RNA extraction with GJC Silica Spin Columns. Our innovative design is tailored to streamline the extraction process from diverse biological samples, including bacteria, viruses, yeast, cultured cells, fresh and dried blood, urine, buccal swabs, and animal tissue.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Application: GJC Silica Spin Columns are versatile and ideal for various applications, including DNA and RNA PCR product cleanup, as well as nucleic acid gel extraction.
  • Fast and Simple: Our columns are engineered for speed and simplicity, ensuring a seamless extraction experience for researchers and scientists.
  • Precision Extraction: Experience precision extraction of genetic material, enhancing the reliability of your downstream applications.

Choose GJC Silica Spin Columns for cutting-edge technology that accelerates your DNA and RNA extraction workflows. Elevate your research with our user-friendly, high-performance solution.

Explore the possibilities. Order your GJC Silica Spin Columns today.


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